The History of Corby Male Voice Choir

Corby Male Voice Choir was formed on 19 January 1976 with 18 members under the baton of Mr. D.A.F.Morris and performed 13 concerts during the first year, the first being at Rockingham Road Methodist Church in Corby on 20 June, by which time, there were 35 members.

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The Choir has always been proud to say that musical training is not a prerequisite of membership which is very much open to all. If you are between the ages of sixteen and one hundred and twenty and of the male gender, then you are welcome to join. In addition, there is a Ladies Social Group which meets about once per month which is independent of the Choir and is open to membership from all Ladies who are wives, girlfriends, partners or friends of members of the Choir, with the declared intention of creating social opportunities for themselves.

The Choir is proud of its extensive and varied repertoire which extends to in excess of a hundred numbers including both religious and secular pieces. The Choir is a member of the Anglia Group of the National Association of Choirs.

Between inception of the Choir and the end of December 2007, membership fluctuated between 35 and 55 and the Choir performed 358 concerts, helping local charities to raise almost £197,000 in the process. Concerts included taking part in the 1995 VE Day Celebratory Concert (2,500 voices) at Hyde Park London before a live audience in excess of 200,000, and exchange visits with the Deutsche Eiche Choir from Corby’s twin town of Velbert, Germany, and a concert in Andresy in France

Musical Director D.A.F.Morris, who very sadly died on October 25 1983, was succeeded by Mrs. Beryl Goodall LRAM.

The Choir celebrated a very busy 21st Anniversary year with 16 concerts, and other events including a concert to celebrate 150 years of Methodism, and the recording of its first cassette entitled “Coming of Age”. In excess of 1,000 copies had been sold by the end of the year 2000.

After 15 years as Musical Director Mrs. Beryl Goodall retired in 1998 and became Honorary President and was succeeded by Mr. Andrew Torbell who remains in this position. Andrew was educated at the Kings School Peterborough, and was Head Chorister in Peterborough Cathedral Choir.

The Choir’s accompanist was Mr. Andrew G Lockhart who had held that position from1983 until 2005. He was succeeded by our Honorary President Mrs. Beryl Goodall in September 2005 and, in May 2011, by Mrs Jan Williams.

In October 2006, the Choir’s 30th Anniversary year, it was one of only two English choirs to be invited to sing in the Royal Albert Hall, London alongside choirs from Australia, Canada, Scotland and Wales totalling over 800 male voices in the biennial concert hosted by the London Welsh Choir.

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