Post Holders

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Office or Position Held Named Individual
Honorary President Mrs. Beryl Goodall L.R.A.M.
Honorary Vice Presidents Mrs. Jean Smith
Director of Music Mrs. Jan Williams LTCL
Accompanist Mrs. Kate Bidwell BA CT ABRSM
Chairman John Williams
Vice-Chairman Harrison Weston
Choir Secretary Steve Jackson
Tel: 01832 734259
Treasurer Peter Shough
Executive Committee
Concert Secretary Steve Jackson
Tel: 01832 734259
Choir Marshal Bob Dowdell
1st Tenor Representative Steve Bowyer
2nd Tenor Representative Ray Milson
1st Bass Representative Bob Dowdell
2nd Bass Representative Harrison Weston
Publicity Oficer Richard Cork
Minute Secretary Harrison Weston
Non-Committee Post Holders
Music Librarian Lyn Howells
Compères Lyn Howells, Richard Cork & Don Pilkington
Welfare Officer Keith Gould
Keeper of the Flowers Steve Jackson
Sound Engineer John Bishop
Concert Keyboard Transporter John Williams
N.A.C. Correspondent Keith Gould
Registrar Harrison Weston